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 In this installment we are going to meet Jesse and Michelle Ruffner and their family!!  What they have done to their home has been nothing short of amazing.

 The process of making their house into a home started as a total overhaul.  Walls were removed and the ones that remained were torn down to the studs.  Even floor joists were replaced.  As you can see, it sure does not look like that today!


 Here is the Ruffner's in the kitchen, which is Jesse's favorite.  New cabinets, flooring, countertops, basically everything is new.


 Michelle's favorite room is the Master Bath.  Once much smaller, the bathroom was extended as well as completely remodeled.


Here is what the home looked like prior to the remodel.  It is does not even look like the same place!  After all the construction was completed, the Ruffner's hosted an Open House to showcase their efforts to friends and family.


Thanks to Jesse and Michelle for using Heart and Home Realty!  They complimented their agent, Mandee Hirtzel, on having the patience throughout the transaction as they were looking for a very specific "fixer-upper". 

If you are looking for a Realtor to help you find that specific house to become your dream home, be sure and contact Heart and Home Realty today!